My career has been working in technical roles for many years. I am currently working as a Solution Architect.

About Photo I am an advid technologist with a strong desire to learn. I enjoy building stuff and working on a wide variety of projects.

I have always had an interest in how things work. From an early age I had an interest in learning about all types of things people created. I was curious about how something was built or how something functioned. Of course, the downside was I was often taking things apart. Luckily I was really good at carefully disassembling and putting an item back together.

My father had a career with AT&T, starting at Western Electric. He fostered my interests and I learned a lot from the things that he did. He gave me my first exposure to electronics and helped develop that interest with several HeathKit electronics kits. He gave me my first exposure to UNIX showing me how to use vi on an AT&T UNIX system when I was a child. In addition to electronics and computers, I also learned about automotive repair by helping him clean parts and help as he rebuilt the motor in his prized project car.

I enjoy learning about a wide variety of topics. I consider myself an autodidact.

Mike Braden