Testing I2C with the Bus Pirate.

Connect pins on bus pirate as follows

Buspirate I2C Device
gnd gnd
5v 5v power if needed
Vpu goes to 5v  

Connect USB to laptop Install FTDI drivers to make com port Find com port number from device manager

Use Putty to make a serial connection.

In putty or other serial term software use the following settings:

  • port - COM5
  • rate - 115200
  • data - 8 but
  • parity - none
  • stop - 1 bit
  • flow - none
  • emul - vt100

Once connected to the Bus Pirate use the following commands:

? - shows help menu

W - turns on power
p - choose to set pullups on
v - shows voltage status

(1)  - macro to find addresses on bus

[ = start
] - stop
{ - restart

0b0000000 bits
0x00  hex


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